Monday, August 8, 2011

Lessons from Cezanne and Harvey Penick

I was reading about Cezanne and came across something he wrote in his late 60's "I am going on with my researches...I am continually making observations from nature and I feel I am making some slight progress" . So like Cezanne I am continuing on with my painting and looking and thinking!

 I grew up on a farm where we had sheep, I really love the silly animals. My sister and I each had our own sheep, we got to help at shearing time and then take the wool to the mill. I saw this one in the pasture while on Lopez, she reminded me of Matilda,  I helped Matilda when she arrived early in January one year. She used to follow me around in the pasture, and run to the gate bleating, when she saw me come home. Very unusual for sheep! I used oil bars and tried very hard to remember big shapes and simple. Which reminds me of advice from Golfer Harvey Penick,  "If you want to change yourself, you must change how you think." So I am trying to remember to paint quickly and simply!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some Words of Wisdom and Summertime Reading

Summer in Seattle usually is beautiful in August, and this year we are finally seeing some sun. Lopez Island is one of my favorite places anytime of the year, but summer on Lopez is spectacular! It is a drive to catch the ferry but I love the ride to Lopez. Driving off the ferry and passing all the farmland and breathing in the wonderful aroma of salt water and newly mown hay is heavenly. So, today I am sharing a picture of Lopez. done in oil bars. They are chunky and force me to put it down and leave it.

 I was reading some of my favorite art books on the ferry ride. One by Rex Brandt, a watercolorist, " Our hopes are far ahead of our abilities. When we are satisfied, perhaps we haven't aimed high enough" And this one from Ed Whitney " If you don't like it it will be for one of three reasons, bad shapes; not enough entertainment; beaten to death!" Look forward to hearing from you and hope you all are enjoying your summer.