Friday, December 10, 2010

Waiting and Memories of the Nutcracker

I was just bringing the ornament box down from the attic and one of the nutcracker ornaments fell out reminding me of taking our girls to see the Nutcracker, and taking my granddaughter to ballet class. It is so much fun watching the girls as they get ready for the big night. This painting "Waiting" was one I did as Catherine was waiting for her turn to perform. I loved how the last of the sun came streaming through the high windows. I think I really love painting people best, and especially children. My concern is I don't want to get trite. So, any thoughts on the subject of painting people and not getting trite would be greatly appreciated. One artist who does a great job with people is Tracy Helgeson, her series of "People we know" is so unique, but I also love her landscapes.

I have been going through my sketch books and pulling out some pencil sketches to use for paintings. I have a few more of my ballerinas. Hopefully I can share them in the next few days.


  1. I just took my granddaughter to the Nutcracker and she is also a ballerina like your granddaughter.

    You have captured your grandaughter's expression well, Cissy. I love the highlights and colors are wonderful!

  2. I looked through all your posts (not so hard to do with a new blog!) and though I liked them all, this one is my favorite.
    I don't think you need to be too concerned with the triteness issue. Your simplication and great color sense will keep triteness at bay.

  3. Thank you Carol and Shirley I love getting feedback, it is so helpful. Thank you both for making my blogging experience most gratifying!

    Ok Carol here is a list of my favorite Oil bars: Sennelier, has some beautiful colors, and they are a more buttery consistency, Winsor Newton, come in small and large. Then my favorite are R&F hand made. You can get their catalog on line. Also Dick Blick Catalog carries all brands. I also use Shiva, they are drier, and make great under colors, such as "aspphaltum".I usually pick up a cool and warm of each color.