Thursday, December 9, 2010

Well once again it is Christmas time and I am beginning to panic because I haven't started doing any of the usual, cookie baking, or card writing, or decorating. And, I haven't painted for a few days either!! I do promise once January 1, 2011 rolls around I will paint every day. After all I did when I was working on the books.

I did the grapes in Oil bar and had fun with the high lights on the grapes and, and the reflection of the bowl on the table.

I am off to bake Sarah's sugar cookies. If there is a Sarah out there who took Tole painting classes from me in Nashua New Hampshire a long time ago, please say hi. Those cookies are favorites of my family and friends. I lost Sarah's address in one of our many moves and have always regretted that I could not remember her last name. But I remember her every time I bake those cookies. I have been fortunate to meet so many wonderful people and I am really enjoying meeting so may great artists through the internet. So, happy painting. If you have any questions about oil bar let me know, or just share some painting thoughts. I love hearing from you.

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  1. Cissy, I really love to dramatic lighting on this one...very nice!