Thursday, November 18, 2010

The kindness of strangers, and friends, and thoughts of thanksgiving

I was wrestling with some of my paintings that I was bringing home from the gallery when a woman in the parking lot asked if she could help, I thanked her and she picked up the two small paintings that were starting to fall. As I put the Mango painting in the car she said "I just love that painting, it makes me happy"
I thanked her again and headed home, smiling that someone had liked my painting, especially since she was not a friend or family member. When I checked my e mail there was a message from a friend, and artist, telling me how much she enjoyed the article about me in the recent Women Painters Newsletter. Once again a simple kindness had been something special and meant more than I am sure the stranger and my friend could ever imagine. So, I am resolved to thank all those people who come into my life and make it ever so much better by their words and kind deeds, by passing on the kindness. Thank you to all who stop by and visit. Hope to hear from you again. Mango Morning is painted with oil bars.

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  1. I really love your still life paintings, Cissy. I'm glad I was able to enlarge it so much to see all the detail. You are really a master at using this painting medium! Love how you handled the highlights and shadows in this painting. Colors again are wonderful!