Saturday, July 16, 2011

Getting Real And Personal In The Pursuit Of Happiness

Is there anything more exciting than watching a bunch of kids play the last game of the season? Recently we watched a friend's son play their last game of the season, at 6 he is more interested in playing than the score! Now, that is the real pursuit of, I am on my own journey of "painting happiness." I am trying different paints, methods, and subjects, just painting what I like,  and trying to rediscover me, and my style.

 But, I do have a question,  can anybody reccomend a good camera for shooting people in the distance, my point and shoot is not making the grade.  I love to paint kids and this was "The last Game" I did this in oils; using a brush is different from the oil bars, but, I am getting more comfortable with the oils and brushes. Any comments greatly appreciated, love hearing from you. Happy Summer!

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  1. Wonderful painting. Just fun!! Yes on the painting for happiness. I am learning my best ones are the ones I am just so excited to paint and tackle.
    Cameras...I think even a point and shoot with a really good zoom will work. I have a Nikkon D3000 and I like it but have seen some simpler point and shoots with good zooms that can work too!