Friday, January 14, 2011

Does this work?

Well, here I go again, trying to photograph my art. This is a small painting 3x5" that I did for a friend who owns Murphy, my dog Minnie's favorite playmate! Murphy is a chocolate Labradoodle, and Minnie is a Chocolate Lab. They go crazy when they see each other. My friend Decky and I have walked them since they were both several months old. I will post this and we can see how it turned out. Please.....any comments are welcome. Ok I can see glare, I shot this next to the window, I'll have to try again.


  1. So cute! Beautiful on such a small format.

  2. Thank you Linda. It is fun doing these really small ones.

  3. Was just googling Labradoodles and found your gorgeous painting. Love it! beautiful work:)