Sunday, January 9, 2011

Papayas in January

We have had such cold drizzley weather lately that I have started thinking about our days living in Hawaii. I had a note with a friend's Christmas card wondering if I was going to visit. Ah yes dreams of Papaya for breakfast and days at the beach. I love doing breakfast still lifes. It started during a painting trip to France with my friend Lilly, from Hawaii, who paints fabulous landscapes. I have only painted landscapes when I had to for illustrations in the children's books I illustrated.

 So there I was in France feeling overwhelmed with the landscape. But, the breakfast table didn't overwhelm me so I started sketching breakfast!  Remind me and I will give you the recipe for papaya seed salad dressing, it is so good! I love using blue, and sometimes think I should branch out, but am always more happy using blue. What do you think?

Hope you are enjoying your new year. Let me know what you are painting, and, once again thank you to all who have stopped by.


  1. Beautiful colors the blues and reflection in the toaster, very nice still life! Papaya seed salad dressing sounds very interest.