Thursday, January 20, 2011

Too Many Peppers

I love the little peppers, and Costco had some, actually quite a few, so I thought I would do a small painting. This was fun to do. Of course after I finished it I thought of several other arrangements that would be better. Isn't that always the way? Has anyone read the Arthur Dow book  Composition Understanding  Line, Notan and Color. He refers to the composition as "the putting together of lines, masses and colors to make a harmony. Notan is a japanese word meaning," dark, light" or the massing of tones of different values. Notan beauty is the harmony resulting from the combination of dark and light spaces. The book is interesting, let me know if you have read it, or are going to read it.


  1. Love the peppers Cissy! Great idea and lovely colors to work with in the bleak weather.

  2. Thank you kristen, and thank you for stopping by.

  3. I especially like your perspective on the bottle. The blue/green label compliments the red and orange on peppers beautifully!