Saturday, October 23, 2010

Color and Shapes

I was reading Hawthorne on Painting, and came across a paragraph where he suggests if you get to a point and don't know what to do "just go back and simplify the big notes of color." Well that's what I did in this painting of the tea shop in Paris. I was struck by the color and shapes and I just concentrated on that in this painting. I loved the lady behind the counter, we managed to communicate with each other, and parted as friends. So, another woman in the market place reminds me of all the women out there that I have had the honor to meet. Hope you enjoy, as much as I enjoyed painting her and her wonderful little shop, just near  Place du Terte, where all the artists set up their easels.


  1. Very nice Cissy! I must crack open my "Hawthorne on Painting" book soon. Going back and simplifying seemed to work well in this painting. I love the subtle reflections on the counter and simple handling of shapes.

  2. Thanks, Carol. Yes I have been putting myself on a diet of Very little TV, so am trying to read more in the evenings.