Thursday, October 21, 2010

Remembering Fiji

So far my plans for posting daily are falling by the wayside. We have been blessed with some beautiful sunny autumn days that have enticed me outside. I was remembering a trip to Fiji, and the shell collectors. I saw these two women talking and laughing and collecting shells early one morning, and later that day they were in the market selling shells to the tourists. It was a lovely day.

This was done with oil bars, not as impressionistic as I would like. But then that is the joy of painting, doing and learning, enjoying the process.


  1. Cissy, I find my plans have fallen by the wayside also, even with weekly painting...the weather is just to nice too discipline myself to even plein air paint!

    This is a very nice painting...these two women look like they are walking with purpose!

  2. Thanks Carol, I really loved doing them, they were so happy as they walked on the beach, and it was fun to see them in the market later in the day. I have answered this several times and it never posted, so I hope this one posts. Also answered you in the pike st. post about the oil bars. Let me know if you got it.