Sunday, October 10, 2010

The fall rains have arrived here in the Northwest, so it is a good time to plan for the coming year.  My biggest challenge is taking pictures of my paintings to post here. So, if anyone out there has any recommendations I would appreciate any advice. I am posting another one of my Chef paintings, also done in oil bar. This was in Nagasaki, I loved the attitude of the chef, so precise and careful. This painting is currently on view at The Women Painters Of Washington Gallery.

Thank you to all who have stopped by. I must also learn how to insert your names into the text so others can see your fabulous work! This is so much, exchanging ideas and meeting new people.


  1. Great Mixture of Warm and cool! Love it Cissy!

  2. Hi Cissy, your colors in this one are brilliant, very nice!

    My daughter has several links on her blog on photographing artwork. It has been very helpful too me. They are listed on her May 13th post.

    If you don't have a photo tent you can set your painting next to a north window or outdoors on an overcast day to get good cool light.

    To put a link to other artist blogs you can click on "Design" then go to "My Blog List" and "Edit." Hope this helps.

  3. Caro, Thank you so much for the information and help, I really appreciate your input. I will check out your daughter's web site, and, the blog edit list. Thank you for the comment on the painting, glad you liked it, I am trying out brighter colors.

    So, another question, what kind of camera do you use?

  4. I use a Cannon PowerShot G10. I don't know a whole lot about cameras except this camera has 14.7 Mega Pixels so my photos are a lot sharper than my Cannon PowerShot A1000 which has only 10.0 pixels.

    I get sharp photos from either camera for photographing artwork but for other photos such as landscapes my G10 takes sharper photos. I can enlarge and crop a small area on a photo and still have sharp detail. This camera also has more settings for photographing artwork.

    I think photographing artwork and color correcting them in Photoshop so the colors look like the actual paintings is my biggest challenge. I'm still in the learning stage.

    By the way, the photos of your paintings look great! The colors are bright, sharp and they have no glare!

  5. Hi Carol, Once again a fountain of knowledge. Thank you so much! The last few days I have been out first thing in the morning and back late, so have not had a chance to answer you. I love your daughter's blog, and her paintings too. I am going to try the editing my blog later tonight. I just got in, and have to get to work finishing up a painting.

    Most of my paintings have been photographed by a professional......that's why I have to learn to do it myself. Yours all look so great.