Friday, October 15, 2010

Pike Street Market

Another busy week! Where does the time go? Today I am posting a painting I did at Pike street market, I love to see all the vegetables and fruits, and of course all the people. It is a place full of energy. Hope you enjoy it. This painting was juried into the EAFA Fall members show.


  1. I always markets scenes of produce and yours is wonderfully colorful! Love the warm colors next to the cool blues.

    Was this one also done with oil bars?

  2. Hi Carol, yes this is oil bar. If you are interested I will let you know which ones I use. Don't know if it would be best to just email you or list them on the blog.Thanks......

  3. My daughter an I would like too know what brand you use and any other information about them. We were wondering if your paintings dry hard like oil paintings and how you frame them?

    I'm sure other artists would find this information interesting. Someday a demo would be great!

  4. Hi Carol, I forgot to answer this question. I use several different brands of oil bar. My favorites are Sennelier, and R&F(they are available at Dick Blick, also they have a web site) They dry just like oils, you can use medium or turp, just like oil. Winsor Newton and shiva also have oil bars,winsor newton has smaller sizes. I work on toned masonite panels, and varnish when done. The R&F are handmade and very buttery and soft, and the greatest colors. The shiva are harder and dryer, good for underpainting, and, to lay in values. I wear gloves, and just smush them around.