Saturday, October 30, 2010


Yesterday I posted a painting I did in Walla Walla, today I am posting another painting that I donated to a charity auction in Walla Walla. This was done in oil bar, the title is "Celebration". I saw a couple in one of the posh restaurants in Walla Walla, and while waiting for our order to come I quickly sketched them. More and more I am drawn to painting people, and, I love trying to capture them just enjoying the moment. I used more medium in this painting so I could really move the paint around quickly. I try to leave some areas of quiet, but I still seem to be trying to make everything important. I have a few more women in the market place paintings, and then I will try something new.


  1. Cissy, this is just wonderful! What a great way to use your time sketching while waiting for dinner in a restaurant.

    I love how the composition draws you in...great colors and highlights too! You put hard and soft edges in just the right places. Great job!

  2. Thank you Carol,. This was a fun painting to do. Once again as I type this comment the top line of type is only half there. Well now you see it. If any one reads this can you tell me what happens? Has it happened to you?