Saturday, October 16, 2010

Women in the Market Place

I started doing a series of paintings about women in the market place and I am posting the first one that I did, it is a picture of a wonderful woman that I met. She owned a small restaurant, and was interested in hanging my art work, and she did. I had several sales, and she always gave me free soup or a latte whenever I came in to check on the paintings or hang new ones. I admired the way she was so friendly and made each customer feel special, she invited the local bead shop to have morning coffees and bead shows, she had special ladies nights when it was Monday night football and the husbands were home. All in all she was so passionate about food and art, so when it came time to think about a new series for painting that was it.......Women in the Market Place. I have met many women over the years who have been out there in the market place, and if we don't speak the same language we still communicate with each other and understand. I hope you enjoy seeing some of the wonderful women that I have met. Now it is time for me to start considering another series and I have been thinking about that, but for now I will post some of my favorites. Let me know what you think, or how you work. This painting is done in oil bars.


  1. Very nice to discover your blog and at the very beginning of a series! I can follow from its inception.
    Oil bars would seem to be like drawing, yes, no?

  2. No Shirley oil bars are just oil paint in a big stick, like a crayon, I use my fingers(wear gloves) and just apply the paint. I kid that it is like finger paints for adults! Thanks for dtopping by.

  3. Lovely painting of a woman in the workplace. Love your colors and light.

    It is amazing you can get so much detail with your fingers! What size are your painting?

  4. Hi Carol, this painting is !0x14, I usually work between 8x10 9x12 11x14. And I do smaller sizes too. The olives are 5x7. That is the reason I started doing the oil bars......wanted to just concentrate on big shapes, but as you can see I often fall off the wagon and start picking!

    I really appreciate your input. We artists create by ourselves and it is such a pleasure to have someone to talk with who understands what we are trying to do. So, thank you!

  5. Love this painting and the story that goes along with it!