Friday, October 1, 2010

Keep Growing

I have just finished re-reading several of Rilke's books and am once again filled with with enthusiasm for creating and learning. I especially like his Letters to a young Poet. This is my first post, so any comments are most welcome.  The Chef was done with oil bars, like finger painting for adults.! The colors are fun, and there is a great variety. No opportunity to get too detailed, but I still try. Hopefully by the end of the year I will be more impressionistic.


  1. Cissy, welcome to blog land! I think this is a great painting. I love the freedom with which you have worked and your colour choices are fantastic. Never tried oil bars. Is it the same as oil pastel?

  2. No oil bars are in fact like big crayons, only oil paint. Oil pastel does not dry. Oil bars do dry rather quickly. You should wear gloves when using them. So it is like finger painting for adults! You can use a medium with tem, and I don't use a brush. Thanks for stopping by, look forward to hearing from you again.